Blog: Choosing Solid State Storage Solutions for Single Board Computers

Choosing Solid State Storage Solutions for Single Board Computers

Recently, as PC performance and the requirements for all related parts have increased embedded system architects have had a goal of  minimizing current and future design risks, lowering product life-cycle cost through module scalability, interchangeability and planning smooth transition from legacy to legacy-free interfaces while allowing room for growth. Compatibility concern To deal with this issue manufacturers have added SATA on the […]

What Makes a Successful Embedded SSD Design?

The embedded storage market has many storage devices which are considered as “industrial grade” while many are actually consumer-grade devices. They are then repackaged and marketed as industrial embedded SSDs even though they lack most of what the devices should have. Essential Features There are many features that are required to meet the enhanced reliability needed by industrial-embedded systems that consumer-grade devices […]

The Benefits of Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)

With the constant need for stricter data protection laws and regulations, businesses are grasping the importance of properly securing their data to avoid high penalties and cost of data loss. Self-Encrypting Drives or SEDs are storage devices that automatically encrypt data without any user interaction. AES Encryption This form of encryption is the standard for  the U.S. government and it is not […]

Data Protection: Protect your Data from the Inside Out.