Blog: Pentium D – Blast from the Past

Pentium D – Blast from the Past

Saitech Inc. has all assortments of legacy computer components that are hard to come by now in this day and age. It’s difficult to locate components for older computer components operating on discontinued products that were used prior to the introduction of newer generations of CPU sockets. Here at Saitech, Inc. we’ve come across some motherboards from the old LGA-775 socket […]

Needing Old Computer Parts for Classic Games

Some of the best classic games ran on older computers. Trying to run them now on a newer system wouldn’t work. For example Chips Challenge, you couldn’t run it on a Windows 7 system that’s using a 64-bit processor. Also with higher screen resolutions, the game doesn’t take advantage of the screen room. I first played this game on Windows […]

High Value Hard To Find Parts

Many people looking for a hard to find part are looking for major bargain thinking that this part is so obsolete, little do they know that some of the parts we carry are so hard to find, you won’t find them anywhere in the world. Secondly, the cost of these parts to us is very high. Many components like floppy disk […]

Nakamichi CD Changer

I went for a stroll in the warehouse at Saitech and came across something wild. Its a 4 disc cd changer from Nakamichi. Saitech specializes in obsolescence and carries hard to find computer parts. You will never find such gems on the shelves of your local computer store. The Nakamichi MJ-4.8si has a slot loading system and doesn’t require a cassette. […]