Saitech Inc : Value Added Services / Supply Chain Management

Saitech Inc is a leading value-added distributor of a wide range of high tech products, services and solutions, including; high-end systems, storage solution and a wide range of peripherals and components. Saitech Inc serves a diverse customer set of value added resellers (VARS), system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and commercial accounts, throughout the US and worldwide.

Customized System Builds – One Stop Shop   Offers custom built gaming and desktop computers, video editing workstations, servers . We emphasize customization over every aspect of each computer, offering personal consulting and support that is becoming quite rare in the industry. Our goal is to provide each client with the best possible computer for their needs and budget .

System Technical Support

Saitech Inc has experienced professionally qualified technical team of engineers to provide customers with the right and most cost effective technical support. We provide free technical support to our Govt/ Educational / Corporate customers .

Bill Of Material fulfillment service.

Just in Time Hub – Post Dated / Blanket Purchase order Scheduled Deliveries

Supply Chain Solutions

Reduce procurementInventory

Kitting Services

Kitting is the pre-production process of issuing exactly counted and labeled materials needed to build an assembly, eliminating the direct costs and risks of sourcing, procurement, material handling, scrap, payables, and capital outlay. We specialize in customized delivery and presentation that include the three steps of quality kitting: Acquisition, Grouping, and Seamless Delivery. The benefits of kitting are: Reduced material overhead costs Reduced inventory costs and storage Eliminated exposure to excess and obsolete inventory Reduced cycle times dramatically Real-time response to demand fluctuations Increased manufacturing utilization Material yield improvements Eliminated time and labor costs associated with packaging and material waste removal Cost effective labor management labor and hard costs with the most competitive pricing available Reduced inventory carrying costs Speed and unprecedented efficiencies Quality inspections

Value Engineering Our expertise in global sourcing and considerable knowledge of the world market allows us to significantly reduce BOM costs.

Consignment Inventory Saitech consigned inventory program will reduce materials procurement lead-time and increase IP&E inventory turnover. Saitech will store inventory at the customer site and invoice based on product consumption.

Bonded Inventory (BOND) Saitech will hold inventory based on an agreed quantity in a dedicated buffer stock.

Third-Party Logistics Saitech supply chain management programs will easily integrate with the requirements of an agreed third-party logistics provider.