Electronic Resellers Association Inc. (ERAI)

Here at Saitech Inc. we work hard to deliver the highest quality components available to you. All products go through stringent testing procedures for all incoming and outgoing products. Being an Electronic Resellers Association Inc.(ERAI) member assists us in risk assessment related to counterfeit electronics in the global electronics supply chain.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Risk Mitigation Tools for Parts, Customers, & Vendors
  • Searchable Database of Counterfeit, Faulty & High-Risk Parts.
  • Searchable Database of High-Risk Suppliers & Customers.
  • Bill of Material /Assembly Cross Checking against Hi-Risk Parts Database.
  • Vendor Analysis Tools and Information
  • Customer Analysis Tools and Information
  • Real Time Complaint Alerts
  • Real Time Dispute Alerts
  • Real Time Hi-Risk Parts Alerts
  • High Risk and Counterfeit Part Reporting
  • Reduce Financial Losses Through our Escrow and Mediation Services.
  • Proactively Prevent Losses and Reoccurring Problems
  • Complaint Processing
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Import / Export Compliance Tools
  • Review Member Profiles for Membership Status and Accolades.
  • Fair & Impartial Investigation Services
  • Stay Informed on Current Issues Affecting the Supply Chain.


 To learn more, visit: https://www.erai.com/