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2017 Document Scanners

Sheet-Fed Desktop/WorkGroup Scanners

Epson DS-410

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  • Fast-up to 26ppm/52ipm
  •  Compatible -TWAIN and ISIS drivers included
  • 3-year limited warranty with Advance Exchange

Epson DS-530

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  • Fast scan up to 35 ppm/70ipm; 1- pass duplexing
  • Seamless integration – TWAIN/ISIS drivers
  • Scan to storage accounts like Dropbox and more

Epson DS-575W

  • Fast-scans up to 35 ppm/70 ipm; 1-pass duplex
  • Wirelessly scan to smartphones, tablets, the cloud
  • Seamless integration -TWAIN/ISIS drivers.

Epson DS-770

  • Fast scans up to 45ppm/90ipm 1-pass duplex
  • Seamless integration – TWAIN/ISS Drivers
  • Peak daily duty cycle up to 5,000 sheets.

Epson DS-780N

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  • Fast scans up to 45 ppm/90ipm;1-pass duplex
  • Touch panel- up to 30 programmable jobs
  • Built-in  network interface for work group sharing

WorkForce DS-860

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  • Up to 65 ppm /130 ipm; 80 page document feeder for fast 1-pass duplex  scanning
  • Ultra sonic  Double – feed Detection and 6,000-page  daily duty cycle
  • Scan business cards and plastic ID cards

Portable Scanners

WorkForce DS-30

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  • Scan docs up to 8.5″ x 14″,plus  business/ID cards
  • Travel friendly-weighs under 1 lb
  • Scan to popular cloud services

WorkForce DS-40

Epson WorkForce DS-40 Color Portable Scanner

  •  Wirelessly scan to smartphones/tablets/Mac/PCs
  • Travel-friendly -1.1lb; battery or USB -powered
  • Scan to popular cloud services

Epson DS-320

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  • Fastest scanning in its  class; up to 25 ppm/50ipm
  • 20-page Auto Document Feeder
  • Seamless integration-TWAIN/ISS drivers

Flatbed Scanners

Epson  DS-1630

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  • Versatile flatbed scanner with ADF; auto duplexing
  • Scan stacks of documents up to 25 ppm; 50-page ADF
  • Seamless integration -TWAIN/ISIS drivers

WorkForce DS-6500

  • 25 ppm/50ipm;100-page document feeder for fast 1-pass duplex scanning
  • Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection and up to 4,000-page daily duty cycle
  • Scan like cloud with one touch using included software that connects to popular services like SharePoint and Google Drive.

Large-Formatted Flatbed Scanners

WorkForce DS-50000

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  • 11.7” x 11.7” scanning area to capture large documents in a single scan
  • Scan to the cloud with one touch using included software that connects to popular services like Share Point and Google Drive
  • Optional network module (sold separately) to share the scanner with user in your workgroup

WorkForce DS-60000


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  • 40ppm/80ipm; 200-page document feeder for fast 1-pass duplex scanning
  • Ultrasonic Double-feed  Detection and 5,000-page daily duty cycle
  • Scans up 11.7” x 100” ; captures large documents in a single scan

WorkForce DS-70000

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  • 70ppm/140ipm; 200-page document feeder for fast 1-pass duplex scanning
  • Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection and 8,000-page daily duty cycle
  • Scans up to 11.7” x 100” ; capture large document in a single scan

ISVS Who Have Certified EPSON Scanners with their applications

3M Health Information Systems                  DocFinity                                    Health Record Corporation

ABBYY                                                               docMgt                                         Healthport

Accusoft                                                            DocSTAR                                      Houghton Muffin Harcourt

Ademero                                                            Doculex                                        Hyland Software

Agilysys                                                Document Capture Technologies,Inc.     iDatix

Alfresco                                                            Document Logistix                      Imagine Document Solutions

AllScripts                                                          DocuWare                                     Imaging 101/PC Networks

Altec                                                                  Dyna File                                        Integrated Digital Systems

Ancora Software                                             DynamSoft Corp.                          J&B Software

Blue Ribbon Technologies                           eClinicalWorks                               Knowledge Tree

Cabinet NG                                                      eFileCabinet                                   Kofax

CAPSYS                                                            EMC                                                 Laserfiche

Card Scanning Soulutions                            EphneSoft,Inc.                               Lucion Technologies

Cerner                                                               EPIC                                                 Mesa Corporation

Cerner                                                               Executive Technologies                McKesson

Client Marketing Systems                             FileBound                                        M-Files

DataCap                                                            GoScan                                             Millennial Vision

Digitech Systems                                             Gravic                                               Nautilus Medical

docAssist                                                            Noliij                                                 OfficeGemini

PaperHost                                                          PaperTracer                                     PaperWise

Parascript                                                           PatientLink                                       Patient First

Perceptive Software                                         PSIGEN                                              QS/1

Real Vision Software, Inc.                               ScanPro/BackBone                           SCC Soft Computer

School City                                                         Vital Technologies

Epson Accessories

Scanner Accessories  Part Number   Price   Description   Works With
AC Adapter B12B867201 $24.99 AC adapter  for portable scanner DS-40
Carrier Sheets B12B819051 $45.99 Pack of 5 (Use for fragile or irregular documents) DS-410,DS-530, DS575W,DS770,DS780N
Carrier Sheets B12B813431 $29.99 Pack of 5 (Use for fragile or irregular documents) DS-860
Cleaning Kit B12B819291 $29.99 For cleaning the rollers, paper feed path, glass DS-410,DS-530, DS575W, DS770,DS780N,DS-860
Flatbed Scanning Dock B12B81901 $109.99 Allow connection of the DS530 document scanner to either the Epson Perfection®V19 or V39 flatbed DS-530
Maintenance Sheet B12B818291 $19.99 Wet and dry cleaning sheets for portable scanner DS-30, DS-40
Network Scanning Module B12B808411 $349.99 Ethernet 10/100/1000 connection DS-65000,DS-7500, DS-50000, DS-60000,DS-70000
Network Interface Unit B12B808441 $349.99 Ethernet 10/100/1000 connection DS-530,DS-575W, DS-770, DS-860,DS-1630
Pick Up Roller B12B819251 $24.99 Feeds the document DS-320
Separation Pad B12B819271 $19.99 Keeps sheets separated  during the scan DS-320
Roller Assembly Kit B12B819381 $49.99 Paper feed and separation rollers DS-410
Roller Assembly Kit B12B819031 $42.99 Paper feed and separation rollers DS-530, DS-575W, DS-770,DS-780N
Roller Assembly Kit B12B813581 $49.99 Paper feed and separation rollers DS-760,DS-860
Roller Assembly Kit B12B813481 $49.99 Paper feed rollers and separation pad DS-6500,DS-7500
Roller Assembly Kit B12B813501 $49.99 Paper feed roller and separation rollers DS-60000,DS-70000

 Epson Extended Service Plans

Model 1-year Extended Exchange/Repair Plan (Stackable up to 4years)
DS-320,DS-410,DS-530,DS-530,DS-575W, DS-780N,DS-770, DS-1630,DS-860,DS-6500,DS-7500 EPPMSCANEX1 -$114.95
DS-50000,DS-60000,DS-70000 EPPHSCANEX1-$525.95


*** All EPSON products come with 1-year Standard or 3-year Advance Exchange.