Our Valued Clients

Saitech Inc is proud to serve a wide range of clients in a wide range of industries Worldwide. We have been providing Quality IT Solutions to our clients for over 11 years and have satisfied their requirements time and again. We take every order with the same care, process and procedures as are documented in our ISO Quality Manual.

Armed Forces

♦US Army      ♦DOD      ♦Coast Guard      ♦Defense Contracting Command      ♦SPAWAR

♦US Navy      ♦DLA Maritime National Guard      ♦John F. Kennedy Space Center      ♦NASA

♦US Air Force      ♦Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division      ♦National Defense University

♦US Army Research Laboratory      ♦US Army Corps Of Engs      ♦Naval Surface Warfare Center

US Federal / State / Local Government

US Dept. Of Energy      ♦Computer Sciences Corporation      ♦UK Defense Procurement Office

♦Metropolitan Water District of S. Cal      ♦Eastern Municipal District of S. Cal      ♦CAE Inc.     Lawrence Livermore Labs

♦New York City      ♦General Dynamics      ♦FAA Aeronautical Center

Education / Research

University of Arkansas      ♦University of California University of Communication

♦University of Missouri      ♦University of Nevada University of Sciences

♦University of Texas      ♦Applied Research Laboratories

♦Northeastern School District


♦Raytheon Enterprise      ♦Raytheon Missile Systems      ♦Northrop Grumman IT

♦Vormetric Inc      ♦Autonomic Controls      ♦Flour Corporation      ♦Transcore

♦Boeing      ♦Fujitsu HK Ltd      ♦Lockheed Martin      ♦Google Inc

Health Care

♦Onyx Healthcare      ♦Saint Lukes Health Systems      ♦Abraxis

♦InTest Thermal Solutions      ♦Natus Medical      ♦Radeus Labs


♦Asteel Flash      ♦Arrow Electronics      ♦Flextronics Singapore      ♦DTX Inc      

♦Z Microsystems      ♦Continental Resources

♦Array Networks      ♦Camtronic Security Integration      ♦Retail Imaging      ♦Germane System      ♦Zetron Inc      ♦Rave Computer      ♦Streambox

♦Chyron      ♦Sanmina     ♦Kontron America


♦K & L Electronics      ♦Business Computing Solutions      ♦NCI SAS

♦IC Lando      ♦Ultimate Electronics      ♦Electronic Direct      ♦Rivermain Ltd UK

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