Blog: APC Trade-UPS program with Saitech Inc. Renew an old UPS with a new one at a discounted rate!

APC Trade-UPS program with Saitech Inc. Renew an old UPS with a new one at a discounted rate!

Saitech Inc. is promoting the APC Trade-UPS Program!  Trade in your old UPS regardless of brand, for a new SinglePhase UPS with minimum 2 year warranty.  Some of the highlights of this awesome deal:  Up to a 25% discount on new APC UPS.  Trade in your old UPS, regardless of brand and working condition and receive 25% discount on your […]

Saitech Inc. awarded VMware renewals for Oakland University

  Saitech Inc. was awarded for a multi year contract with Oakland University to provide their annual VMware renewals.  VMware support and subscription provides around the clock support from the vast experts from VMWare’s staff.  With a wealth of knowledge of VMware’s industry leading virtualization supporting in real world environments.  Oakland University is situated in Rochester and Auburn Hills, Michigan. For questions and inquiries […]

Saitech Inc. provides Adobe Acrobat Professional renewals for Waukesha County, WI.

Saitech Inc. fulfilled annual Adobe Acrobat Professional Renewals for Waukesha County.  Adobe Acrobat Professional is the leading provider of converting, creating, editing, and sharing PDF documents securely.  We have built a great relationship with Adobe to provide their award winning products to cities, counties, corporations across the US. For questions and inquiries feel free to contact Erwin at (877) 440-0256. […]

Saitech Inc. fulfilled Adobe Creative Cloud apps for City of Santa Monica

Saitech Inc. recently fulfilled an order for City of Santa Monica for their ISD administration requirements.  They required an annual renewal for Adobe Creative Cloud apps for the City.  Adobe Creative Cloud encompasses the entire collection for the desktop, that includes the popular Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.  Having the convenience all these apps at […]