Blog: The 12 TB WD Gold Enterprise Class Hard Drive

The 12 TB WD Gold Enterprise Class Hard Drive

The WD Gold Enterprise Hard Drive is designed for use in enterprise servers, data center servers, and storage systems. It offers a 12TB capacity drive and overall performance which is equal to or better than the competition with a lot of features and space at a low price. Features and specs The WD Gold Enterprise Hard Drive is available in 1TB through […]

Saitech Hallmark Scholarship

Rick Mahajan, president,SaitechInc. and My Vue, Hallmark scholarship awardee. Saitech Inc. sponsored My Vue,on her future college choice. The Saitech Hallmark Scholarship Award is given to an individual based on several different criteria such as: needs, work ethic,determination and individual circumstances.  Acceptance of this award means that the recipient has shown these admirable qualities and has used them to succeed by […]

Saitech Inc offering Robust collection of IT, Desktop, Cyber security and professional development courses.

  Saitech Inc is providing Cyber Security software, education training services, expert subject matter onsite expert services and support to California Military Department. This in turn would assist and support the Computer Network Defense Team to fulfill its duties to perform Independent Security Assessments at all government levels. This project includes library of course material to support training at a high quality and […]

The Impacts of 5G on IOT security.

Security flaws in mobile networks can be a part of  5G networks as well. The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security has claimed that this has become more common with existing mobile networks and could already be in 5G networks. The increasing bandwidth results in a higher chance of  danger and this could impact millions of unsecured devices […]